Five and a half years

November 27, 2013

It’s been five and a half years since i came to this place.

Reading through it is feels like an eternity. By pen and paper, i’m a different man. By feeling, i’m the same old thing that used to doodle over here.

Life is too big, and i’m often too small.ย 

Five and a half years, and i look back and keep telling myself: “you’re a different man now” … but am i?

something is dragging me back, and i’m still pushing forward.

mawa7ashtoneesh awy ya3ny …


June 2, 2008

KOV has decided his journey here is done! He will be headed back to his old outlet. It was quite a journey … i think!


S & Y

June 2, 2008

I’m not being sexist … and i’m not being biased towards my own gender … but seriously now:



May conclusions

June 1, 2008

May is finally over. And it sure was the weirdest and most educational month as far as my memory can go. From this month i can finally conclude the following

  • if it takes you years to create a picture about something … seeing it differently for a month doesn’t make it different. Members of the same species cannot be that different, all dogs bark, and all snakes bite.
  • if u’ve ever made a mistake of allowing yourself to be taken for granted, then doing that again would be extremely stupid
  • people can always pretend to understand and empathize, but it can never be true cause they were never in your shoes, and they were never you
  • it’s normal to have fears and insecurities, take your time with them, and don’t rush things no matter how others may push you for their own benefit. They wouldn’t if they understand anyways
  • your intentions are totally yours, no one can make an intention on your behalf and make it yours.
  • el baab elly ygeelak menno el ree7 seddo westaree7
  • feeling is important … security is even more important. So careful as feelings might be deceptive in their consequence.
  • your mind also exists remember???

kefaaya keda … i’m going to sleep … my night was really not worth it and have alot of studying to do tomorrow.

feeling: Stupid & Angry
Music: Oasis ~ Where Did It All Go Wrong (Accoustic)



May 31, 2008

It’s now midnight and the start of a new month, a start of a very special day, the birthday of a really beautiful person, a person who’s brought a lot of meaning to everyone around through her blog, which has been my favorite to read for the past few months.

I’ve also been privileged by chatting with this beautiful soul and she proved to me time after time, that she’s not just a great writer, but also a great human being who you’d be blessed to have around you even distantly!

i don’t know what else to say about you Insomniac, and I wish you the happiest birthday ever, one that would be totally extraordinary



May 29, 2008

i need to function … i’ve been sitting there tryig to do something but just doing it … i’ve got alot left to do … ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

i miss alot of things … and i’m anticipating alot more …

i miss having you there next to me when i’m studying … i can’t believe how good that felt … i miss lots of things about you actually…

i can’t wait for my D80 … it’s supposedly in the shipment phase now .. to arrive in the states tomorrow, and hopefully to Egypt on Sunday … although i’m scared of acquiring it before the following sunday orelse i’ll play with it and flunk all next week’s exams ๐Ÿ˜€

i need some peace … the kinda peace i had yesterday afternoon …

am i going around in circles?? bet i’ll just start talking about the camera next … oh wait i just did … ugh … i’m outta here


Hayel once again

May 27, 2008

so my too good to be true camera dream got a little shaky .. the too good to be true offer i found was indeed too good to be true and the retailer turned out to be a great scam artist … and luckily that little fact was discovered seconds before the ‘purchase’ button was pressed!

so now i’m paying an extra 150$ for my D80 from a more trusted dealer… and it won’t probably ship in time for it to be wth me inย  a week … so i’m probably gonna wait till late july.

oh .. and if anyone is intending to use a retailer called “broadway photo”, or any other dealer on that matter, please check the dealer’s ratings and reputation online first.

feeling: extremely disappointed
listening to: radiohead’s complete discography