Hayel once again

May 27, 2008

so my too good to be true camera dream got a little shaky .. the too good to be true offer i found was indeed too good to be true and the retailer turned out to be a great scam artist … and luckily that little fact was discovered seconds before the ‘purchase’ button was pressed!

so now i’m paying an extra 150$ for my D80 from a more trusted dealer… and it won’t probably ship in time for it to be wth me in  a week … so i’m probably gonna wait till late july.

oh .. and if anyone is intending to use a retailer called “broadway photo”, or any other dealer on that matter, please check the dealer’s ratings and reputation online first.

feeling: extremely disappointed
listening to: radiohead’s complete discography



  1. 😦 radiohead mood huh?
    I love it and hate it fe nafs el wa2t, not radiohead but their mood keda

  2. heheh the sad smiley looks more dissapointed than sad, law rakezt

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