May conclusions

June 1, 2008

May is finally over. And it sure was the weirdest and most educational month as far as my memory can go. From this month i can finally conclude the following

  • if it takes you years to create a picture about something … seeing it differently for a month doesn’t make it different. Members of the same species cannot be that different, all dogs bark, and all snakes bite.
  • if u’ve ever made a mistake of allowing yourself to be taken for granted, then doing that again would be extremely stupid
  • people can always pretend to understand and empathize, but it can never be true cause they were never in your shoes, and they were never you
  • it’s normal to have fears and insecurities, take your time with them, and don’t rush things no matter how others may push you for their own benefit. They wouldn’t if they understand anyways
  • your intentions are totally yours, no one can make an intention on your behalf and make it yours.
  • el baab elly ygeelak menno el ree7 seddo westaree7
  • feeling is important … security is even more important. So careful as feelings might be deceptive in their consequence.
  • your mind also exists remember???

kefaaya keda … i’m going to sleep … my night was really not worth it and have alot of studying to do tomorrow.

feeling: Stupid & Angry
Music: Oasis ~ Where Did It All Go Wrong (Accoustic)


One comment

  1. Madonna lied to us when she said “Time Goes By So Slowely”
    I cant believe it’s June already – strange to see it as the date of your post…


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