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On Faith, Visions, and beliefs

April 23, 2008

I heard this story in some movie, it made sense in a really strange way … and hopefully it would make sense to someone else.

A village was once faced by a HUGE flood. Everyone started fleeing the place for their lives, except for their priest. Every time someone comes to help him escape he would just send them away saying “I’m a believer, God will save me, I’ve believed in him so truthfully for so long he won’t let me down”
So the flood finally came, and the priest got surrounded by the waters, a few people threw him a rope to hold on to to save his life. Again he refused. “God will save me … i don’t need anything but my faith, so go away”.

The water kept going higher and higher, the priest had to climb on a try soas not to drown. A man came to him in a small boat and cried out “Save yourself priest … come with me!!” but the priest insisted not to… “GOD WILL SAVE ME … I DON’T NEED YOU … I JUST NEED MY FAITH”. so the priest just stayed there … climbing higher and higher as the water rises… until he was just at the tip of the tree … no place higher to go … and a helicopter came to save him … the threw him a rope but he just wouldn’t take it “I DON’T NEED YOUR HELP OR ANYBODY’S … I BELIEVE IN GOD … I HAVE FAITH AND THIS FAITH SHALL SAVE ME!!” so the chopper went away … and the priest was left, on the top of this tree, the water slowly rising higher and higher … and the priest eventually drowned.

When he went up to the heavens he met GOD, he was really upset with God for letting him die and told him “How could you let this happen to me, i was always believing in you and following everything u ordered and said … How could u not be there for me when i needed you?”
So God replied “Well i’m actually confused, first i sent you someone to pick you up and you said NO, Then i sent you a rope and u said NO!, Then a boat and u still said NO!, and when everyone had left and you were all alone, i sent you a helicopter and you still refused?! what else did you want me to do???”

Sometimes we’re too focused on a thought that we ignore everything else in life. So despite how this beliefs might be true and good, the way we handle, focus, and sometimes even obsess about them building our whole picture of our lives based on them might not be the right thing. It blinds us from things as simple as how to follow those beliefs themselves.