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اصطبحنا و صبح الملك لله

April 10, 2008

So I never really write about politics and prefer to keep my political beliefs to myself since they’re a mix of what everyone thinks on both sides and each time i talk bala2y 7add 3ayez yegannedny ma3aah!! But this time it just doesn’t wanna stay in so i have to blurt it out.

I woke up 3ady giddan … did my morning zombie walk around the house looking at the faces and not saying good morning … and grabbed the morning paper (don’t ask me why although i usually read after i am really AWAKE).
Ma 3aleena, so i was greeted by a little headline on the front page that pushed me to complete sobriety in an instant:
القبض على جورج اسحق القيادي بحركة كفاية لتحريضه على العصيان

Sanya Wa7da Ba2a!!!
First: I’m not a kefaaya member by any means, and won’t be … but at the same time i don’t think it should be addressed in the papers in the same way armed groups such as Hamas and Hizbullah are addressed. al kyady b7araket el betaa3 2aal … those people are more peaceful than to be talked about like that … as much as i disagree on how they do certain things, but i admire how they don’t take thing things to violent levels like other groups, so no … it feels unfair to me

Second and what really shocked me: TA7REEDO 3AL 3ESSYAN??
ana leh 7assessna rege3na 3assr el waaly el 3osmaany abo kersh??? 3essyan meen?? men emta 3andena el terminology dy?? seriously, when was this word used except in countries that follow one certain person (i don’t even wanna go as far as saying dictator), or some extreme ideology like in the days of the USSR???!

Damn i’m really intimidated and somewhat frightened … rabbena yostor 3aleena begadd