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May 29, 2008

i need to function … i’ve been sitting there tryig to do something but just doing it … i’ve got alot left to do … 😦

i miss alot of things … and i’m anticipating alot more …

i miss having you there next to me when i’m studying … i can’t believe how good that felt … i miss lots of things about you actually…

i can’t wait for my D80 … it’s supposedly in the shipment phase now .. to arrive in the states tomorrow, and hopefully to Egypt on Sunday … although i’m scared of acquiring it before the following sunday orelse i’ll play with it and flunk all next week’s exams 😀

i need some peace … the kinda peace i had yesterday afternoon …

am i going around in circles?? bet i’ll just start talking about the camera next … oh wait i just did … ugh … i’m outta here


First 100% Good Day in eternity

May 10, 2008

So finally i’ll be writing something positive here … and it’s about yesterday. I can describe yesterday as the first great day i had in a REALLY long time :). And most of the credit if not all goes to an awesome new friend of mine, hunny u’re amazing (K) … and it was packed to.

The day started off with work, in tagammo3 el khames, then zamalek where i finished, prayed, and met my lovely friend. We had a really nice walk around the island and by the Nile. Then off to the carnival in Korba! We drew and painted on the streets … took a few pictures, listened to great music, and had an awesome time 🙂

Korba was done, so we went somewhere else with a really nice view and spent some more great time 🙂

driving was also fun … music was great … and during all those things we did, conversations were always so enjoyable and fun …

i never imagined i could do so many things in a day and actually enjoy every single one of them!!! So dear S, I can never thank you enough!

by the time i had to get back to my friends later in the night to say goodbye to one of the who’s travelling, i really didn’t care if X was there, i really didn’t even bother … my day was good, and i was happy … Period.

S, Thank you again 🙂

now i have to return to serious boring life 😦 my finals are in 10 days and i haven’t even started!
the really stupid thing with life that it’s only NOW and in this period that i actually find work offers, and that i find ways to actually enjoy my insomnia instead of just curse it! and now i have to get rid of all that 😦

until the next time,

stay happy


this is 4 you baby/sweetie

April 30, 2008

this song is for you:

i initially wrote a bit of a long post but i don’t think i have the guts to actually click publish … think this page is kinda losing its purpose 😦