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March 27, 2008

Well … for some reason … lots of things are happening these days that are boosting my photographic ego … a shitload of my friends have facebook profile pics that were taken by me … my first freelancing job’s results were really liked despite my not liking them that much… but hell they asked for more so i guess that’s great right?? some great chances were brought up but i just don’t wanna jinx those right now … so i’m happy anyways 🙂 HEYY!!! when the heck did i write anything positive in here??!!!

Alright i’m keeping it positive today … erm … well at least in this post 🙂

One of my friends asked me two days ago why i liked photography that much … so here’s my story with it:

One boring day in college, i had just bought my cell phone that has one of those primitive cameras in them. I was sitting in a section that was boring the living hell out of me. so i started playing around with my phone… took pictures of me, of people around me, just playing around… then i came to my copybook, kept twisting it over to this side and that and ended up taking THE picture. I stayed for hours staring at it on my computer screen and it got me thinking.
It’s just an ordinary copybook, a very uninteresting copybook … yet from this angle i can look at it for hours… (and i still cherish this very LOW QUALITY picture till now). This picture taught me that anything you take from granted, anything that seems to ordinary or not interesting can be more than beautiful if you just look at it from another perspective or angle. And to me, the camera is just a means to do that… to capture the beauty in things that we just pass by and not notice … that little piece of beautiful detail on the broken window of this ignored building … that facial expression on this guy’s face down the street, that guy that you won’t even glance at twice… that view i would enjoy if i just lower my head a few inches and look left when i’m bored in class … That mess of shapes and lines that noone else can figure what it is yet just looking at it makes them feel something that’s good … it just gets you to feel … and feeling is great!

beauty is everywhere … but sometimes we just need to look for it while it’s not that far away in the first place …

the guy called me a weirdo when i told him that … to him and everyone else who thinks so i say: well … if that makes me a weirdo then i’m glad i am … at least i’m enjoying it … the beauty of everything you leave behind.